Forget me not

Yellow Diva's Memento flower press preserves treasured blooms as part of a lasting memory; wild flowers gathered on a spring morning walk, sprigs from a wedding bouquet or petals from a posy marking a special birthday.

A blissfully lazy summer weekend in the country, surrounded by landscaped gardens full of flowers, inspired us to create Memento. Back home we witnessed our daughter unearth my simple childhood flower press to preserve her fading floral garland - and with it the associated memories. Memento flower press appeals to us aesthetically and emotionally. Taking the form of a luxurious, tactile coffee table book, Memento consists of a cast iron pressing weight, stacked archival blotting paper interlaced with cork pads on an Australian Blackwood timber base. A chocolate brown Tuscan leather strap binds the stack, secured with a button stud. 

Yellow Diva’s handsome artifact draws design cues from both decorative nineteenth century cast iron book presses and practical botanical field specimen presses. Further influences were drawn from elaborately cast manhole covers to be found throughout Japan, Europe and America. Yellow Diva commissioned artist Bruce Slorach, Design Director of Sydney textile company Utopia Goods, to created a custom artwork for the cast iron pressing plate. The motif references Australian flora and its botanical significance. Slorach's illustration is an adaption of one of his textile prints, featuring the Banksia plant. Banksia takes its name from Joseph Banks, Cook’s expeditionary naturalist and the first European to collect botanical specimens of the species. These popular native trees, with their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting cones, are indigenous to diverse regions of Australia.

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