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Shop the collection of locally made original furniture and products from Yellow Diva design studio, Melbourne.

Beautiful bar stools, sculptural sofas, original objects.

Furniture for free thinkers

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Milker 4, low stool

Shop now $495

Memento, flower press

Shop now $375

FanDeck, pendant lamp shade

Shop now $165

2UP, candleholder

Shop now $350

WBS3, mid bar stool

Shop now $645

Firmament, pendant lamp

Shop now $895

CPC17, easy chair

Shop now $895

Milker, dining chair

Shop now $675

CPS2, mid bar stool

Shop now $475

Milker 3, mid bar stool

Shop now $495

Barrel chair

Shop now $1,550

WBS1, low stool

Shop now $590

WBB2, two-seater bench

Shop now $1,450

MT1, coffee table

Shop now $2,545

Milker 3, low stool

Shop now $460

Milker 4, dining table

Shop now $2,995

Milker 4, mid bar stool

Shop now $540

CPS1, low stool

Shop now $425

WBB3, three-seater bench

Shop now $1,750

WBS1, low stool colour-block

Shop now $590

KeepSafe, lockable cabinet

Shop now $1,815

Firmament Constellation, engraved pendant lamp

Shop now $1,895

Milker 4, café table

Shop now $1,450

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